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Attention Business Owners!

Why is content such a valuable marketing tool for businesses? Well, the numbers don’t lie. According to a SEMrush report, 79% of the marketers surveyed generated more qualified leads. Over 74% drove more organic traffic to their website, and 47% attested to better customer engagement and loyalty.

Succeeding in content marketing lies in providing value. But developing top-notch web content can be tedious and time-consuming for any business owner. From searching for appropriate topics and conducting keyword research to crafting quality posts- all can devour your valuable resources. My SEO content writing service comes in here.

As an experienced word wizard, my focus is to help your businesses create search-optimized content that brings in qualified organic visitors. You spend less time managing content and more time on what matters – promoting your business and satisfying customers. I take your concept and package it into highly consumable, persuasive, and compelling content that engages your audience.

Experienced Content Writer

Over 4.5 years of writing experience has enhanced my knowledge of processes and platforms that help create powerful articles.

Your readers can always count on superior quality, well-researched, and skillfully written blog posts that comprehensively answer their questions.

Grow Your Sales

I’ve also worked as a freelance copywriter for various digital marketing agencies. You enjoy the peace of mind that I can:

  • Turn your industry jargon into something any audience understands,
  • Focus on your service’s or product’s benefits, and
  • Gently nudge the target customers towards making a decision.

Let’s team up and experience firsthand how quality-guaranteed web content writing service can help transform your business goals into achievements.


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Straight from the client’s mouth and heart:

Delivered Great Writing

"From the beginning, I could tell Ezekiel was a professional. He presented himself well, understood his initial assignment, communicated clearly and promptly, and delivered great writing. Since the start of our partnership, he has maintained his excellent work and has adjusted to any request I have had."

Brandon Hill

Top Of His Craft!

Ezekiel is a dedicated freelance writer, able to produce engaging copy for online platforms. His skills are unmatched. Top of his craft!

Joe. K
SEO Content Strategist / Bright Media Ltd

Outstanding Content Creator

Ezekiel is an outstanding content creator. He not only follows briefs but also takes pieces to another level thanks to his in-depth knowledge and fantastic writing skills. Plus, he’s just an all-around great person to work with. He clearly cares about his work and it shines through in everything he does.

Kelly O'Hara
Founder / Copy Goals

Hard Worker and Master of His Craft

I own a busy home medical equipment store. I often wear many hats (including marketing) and I am trying to build a stronger national online presence. Back in late 2019, Ezekiel sent me an email out of the blue, which is something I usually erase, but it was well written and I did have a need for ongoing help with blogging, so I decided to give him a chance. I have usually been pretty disappointed in outsourced content writers because while they can write, they don’t know about my very niche industry, so the information is weak or incorrect. Ezekiel was not from that pack! He spent time researching the topics I gave him and returned blog articles that were very in-depth with correct knowledge and keywords of course! He spent time to get the right content, then put it into the right format for my needs. He really does an amazing job, plus his English and vocabulary are better than mine! (Considering I was Valedictorian of my high school, that’s pretty good!). I think that he is a very hard worker and a master of his craft. I will definitely continue to use Ezekiel’s services in the future.

Erica Sell

So, How Can You Help Me, Ezekiel?

Blog Writing

Need help getting your website’s content into shape? My blog writing service takes care of all the aspects, from researching your market, customers, and competitors to defining the key messages you need to grow your site traffic, authority, and competitive advantage.


Good copywriting can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. Take advantage of my copywriting service to turn your sales message into a strategic business tool that supports your growth targets.

Outsmart Competition With SENSATIONAL Content

You’ve arrived at the point of decision. You can either proceed down the road of least resistance (the road you’ve been taking for so long) or opt for the path less traveled. The road of less resistance will perhaps continue generating the same results you’ve been receiving. But if you want to change the direction of your website traffic and online authority, you must act differently this time around.  You only need to make that single leap to pursue your new outcome.  Fill out the contact form below, and I’ll immediately get back to you.

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