Attention Business Owners!

Ever wonder if the true growth hack for your business is actually pumping out content? Well, grab your coffee and take this in: SEMrush dropped some real talk with their The State of Content Marketing 2023 report, and the numbers are kinda mind-blowing. Out of over 1,700 marketers and biz owners who threw their hats in the ring, a staggering 97% were successful with their content marketing efforts. And guess what’s leading the charge? Videos, short-form articles, customer success stories, and those in-depth blog posts that we all love to dive into.

The key to acing content marketing? It’s all about packing real value into what you offer. Think about it: People aren’t merely investing in products — they’re on the hunt for answers to their problems. The best brands get this and have this knack for spotting exactly what troubles their target customers and then hitting the bullseye with content that genuinely connects and solves those issues.

Seems like a breeze, right? Think again!

Navigating today’s fiercely competitive market requires a sharp strategy for tangible achievements. Enter ContentGenics, your go-to when time and resources are tight.

Now, you might ask, what makes me stand out? Well, in addition to my fabulous eyebrows…

I bring to the table my expertise as a seasoned wordsmith, wholly committed to refining your messaging and showcasing your product’s value to the right audience. With a professional like me in your corner, you’re free to focus on scaling your business, while reaching the content marketing heights you’ve always dreamed of.

Content you can always count on

With more than 6 years of content creation experience, I’ve honed my understanding of the nuts and bolts that power the creation of impactful articles.

You can bank on getting nothing but the best — thoroughly researched and beautifully crafted content that that isn’t just a treat to read, but also hits the sweet spot between being compelling and informative. Plus, it’s right on the money for what your readers care about. Whether it’s engaging blog posts or compelling sales pages you’re after, you count on my flair for drawing in fresh eyes and keeping them hooked on your brand’s story.

Catapult Your Sales

In addition to blog writing, I’ve moonlighted as a freelance copywriter for a range of digital marketing firms worldwide (think iFoundries, Search Media, and RPM Media). This experience brings you the extra peace of mind knowing that I can:

  • Translate your industry-specific lingo into terms that anyone can grasp
  • PLUS: Zero in on what’s great about your service or product
  • PLUS: Gently guide your readers towards making a decision


  • House Digest
  • iFoundries
  • Search Media
  • Harmony Home Medical
  • Sleeknote
  • RPM Media
  • Copy Goals
  • Electric Zoomin
  • Bizness Professionals
  • Postaga

So, how can I help you?

  • Guaranteed Results: Maximize your investment with content that doesn’t just pay for itself but also supercharges your online presence.
  • Transparent Pricing: My pricing is deliberately affordable, tailored to accommodate even the tightest budgets because I’m keen on earning your trust and business. And here’s the kicker: NO MONTHLY RETAINERS!
  • Timely Delivery: Say goodbye to the stress of missed deadlines. With me by your side, you’ll have the confidence that your content needs are managed promptly, every time.

Outsmart your competition with SENSATIONAL content

So, you’re at a crossroads — you can either keep cruising down the familiar path of minimal resistance, or take a detour into the uncharted territories of success. Sure, the familiar route is comfortable. But if you’re itching for a surge in website visits and a bigger online presence, it’s time to try something new. Ready to make a change in your content? All it takes is one gutsy move in the right direction. Just hit the button below, fill out the form, and I’ll get back to you immediately.

Your journey to success awaits.