10 Best Electric Scooter for College Students in 2022

You’re a collegian with a lot to juggle and you’re looking to commute without the hassles of public transportation.

You could bike. But wouldn’t it be nice to have something faster that doesn’t drain your energy and pocket? The best electric scooter for college students comes to the rescue here.

With this little motorized device under your feet, you should be able to zip around campus without missing any of those all-important lectures or social events! No more waiting for buses and just strolling around – electric scooters help you get to places fast, affordably, and without breaking a sweat.

The problem is that the e-scooter options available today are virtually endless — and it can be challenging to figure out an option that perfectly matches your needs. You’ll want something affordable with a lightweight design and a maximum speed and range to help you get across campus quickly and conveniently.

To help you make an informed decision on electric scooters for college, we’ve put together ten models that appeal to various commuting, aesthetics, and budget needs.