How to Ask for a Raise When Your Boss Doesn’t like You

Wondering how to ask for a raise when your boss doesn’t like you? No doubt, that’s not the most pleasant of thoughts for any young professional.

Asking for a raise is scary enough, and it’s bad enough to think that your boss dislikes you already. After all, manager-direct report relationships have been known to influence performance appraisals, promotions, raises, and end-of-year bonuses.

You’re worried about making things tenser. But when it comes to your career, often you’ve got one chance to get it right—one shot at proving yourself and getting ahead.

So if you’re on the verge of asking for a raise but have that sinking feeling that your boss hates you, wait no more!

We’re talking about making yourself happier and fairly compensated for your amazing work! That could mean greater job satisfaction, happiness, and performance quality. Meanwhile, the company gets higher productivity from among its best assets (you!).

It may or may not be true that your boss dislikes you. Whichever your situation, read on to learn how to navigate this dilemma and increase your chances of getting that bump