Newbury Park, CA, Real Estate Market: What You Need To Know

Newbury Park, CA, Real Estate Market: What You Need To Know

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So, you want to invest in Newbury Park, CA, real estate but don’t know where to begin. This blog should get you started.

Newbury Park is a charming community in Ventura County, California, and the next-door neighbor of Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks. With a wide range of properties available at different price points, the city’s housing market harbors several opportunities for your dream home or property investment. But that extends beyond exploring buildings. You also want a safe, supportive, and sustainable community you can afford and is close to the necessary amenities.

Keep reading for more on Newbury Park, including:

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  • Dining and shopping scenes
  • Leisure spots
  • Cost of living

Overview of Newbury Park, CA

If you’re looking for a welcoming suburb where the sun shines 273 days a year and where you can enjoy breathtaking views of rolling hills, Newbury Park is your place! It sits in the southeastern part of Ventura County, most of which touches the western section of Thousand Oaks.

Egbert Starr Newbury established the modern Newbury Park as a ranch in the 1870s. He’s considered the Conejo Valley’s first postmaster, and his ranch was a lush green grassland supporting cattle pastures and wheat. The rolling hills and breathtaking views are a luxury nature lovers can’t resist. 

Newbury Park is home to about 45,000 residents and has grown into one of the most affluent communities in California without sacrificing its friendly atmosphere. It’s about 35 miles from downtown Los Angeles, 26 miles from Oxnard Beach,  and 22 miles from Malibu (the closest coastal city). It’s accessible from outside via U.S. Route 101, and Rancho Conejo Airport is also within its borders. 

Newbury Park, CA, is a paradise for sun worshippers, offering 273 days of sunshine annually, 68 more than the US average. Hardly ever snows here either—and if you’re coming from somewhere else where there are regular snowstorms, that’ll be such a tremendous change.

Newbury Park real estate market offers diverse options for potential buyers: from luxury homes on sprawling estates to cozy starter homes to condos that provide stunning views of the mountains.

Newbury Park, CA, Real Estate Market Trends

Newbury Park real estate comes in many shapes and sizes but mainly comprises owner-occupied single-family homes. The bulk dates between 1970 and 1999, but you’ll find options built between 1940 and 1960.

It’s not just about the numbers—it’s about finding a place where your family feels at home. With 65% of houses for sale in Newbury Park being single-family homes, there are plenty of options for families looking for more space or a larger yard.

Newbury Park, CA, real estate prices

Real estate market prices in Newbury Park have been trending upward since the recession and are unlikely to slow down anytime soon. As of February 2023 (the most recent data available), Newbury Park homes for sale record a median list price of $995K, representing a gain of 4.5% compared to February 2023. That makes it one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Ventura County. However, it’s still affordable compared to other areas in California, such as San Francisco, where the median home price is 1.3 million dollars.

Newbury Park, CA, real estate price

Newbury Park real estate is still much in the seller’s territory, where the inventory is substantially less than the potential buyers. But a sale-to-list price ratio of 90.45% means that buyers are getting good deals on most occasions. On average, it takes 55 days for houses to sell in Newbury Park.

Single-family homes for sale in Newbury Park, CA, range between $699K and $16.5m. In comparison, the same units in Hollywood Beach, Oxnard, vary from $1.4 to $4.4m.

     Newbury Park rental market trends

The rental market in Newbury Park has been stable over the past few years, with estimating an increase of 7.8% in prices within the past 12 months. As of October 2022, rent in Newbury Park averages $2,691, meaning you’ll likely be paying about $195 more rent than you would have in the same month last year.

Apartments for rent in Newbury Park, CA, offer different options for varying budgets. From luxury apartments with pools and gyms to more affordable options with basic amenities like laundry facilities and parking. The average square footage is 899, and prices range from $1,950-$16,500 per month.

While a studio apartment will set you back an average of $2,221 per month, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom options average $2,379, $2,485, and $3,229, respectively. Newbury Park houses for rent ($3K-$6.9K per month) perfectly suit families looking for added privacy and larger yards.

Things to Do in Newbury Park, CA 

If nature is your thing or you’re looking for a day trip that’s a little more off-the-beaten-path, check out Point Mugu State Park, a 70-mile stretch of scenic trails through towering peaks and 5 miles of ocean. The park is open year-round and offers excellent hiking, camping, and swimming opportunities. Else, embark on some scenic strolls at Knoll Open Space, better known as Rabbit Hill

Stagecoach Inn Museum in Thousand Oaks is an excellent bet for individuals looking for something more historical. This museum was established in 1876 and is also home to one of the largest and oldest California Sycamores trees—Ventura County Historical Landmark #44. Also present in this site is a Chumash Village, Newbury Pioneer House, and a replica of Timber School.

Horseback riding at Rancho Potrero Community Equestrian Center is an excellent way to spend an afternoon with your family or friends. You’ll have access to around 100 horses at this 20-acre facility, where you can enjoy an hour-long guided trail ride for just $65 per person.

Lake Eleanor Dam along Westlake Boulevard is another excellent choice for some sightseeing. It’s considered among the earliest concrete arc dams ever built and surrounds an 8-acre lake in 529 acres of open space.

While still in Thousand Oak, please visit the Hunt Olive Tree. It’s a living link to Conejo Valley history lauded as the only surviving olive tree from Richard Orville’s orchard—not to mention that this 140+ years old jewel is Thousand Oaks’s Historical Landmark #4. 

Hunt Olive Tree

Hillcrest Drive Civic Center is a pleasant walk through history. It was home to Thousand Oaks’ first permanent City Hall and is currently occupied by the National Park Service, Conejo Recreation and Park District, and Hillcrest Center for the Arts. 

More Leisure Opportunities?

Additional places to visit near Newbury Park, CA:

  • Case Study House No. 28
  • Janss House
  • Historic Norwegian Grade
  • Pederson House and Water Tower
  • Angel Vista Peak
  • Mike Malamut Vintage Car Museum
  • Thousand Oaks Community Gallery

Cost of Living in Newbury Park, CA

According to, the cost of living in Newbury Park, CA, is about $1,938 per month, making it among the top 16% of the most expensive cities worldwide. However, a median monthly salary after tax of $3,716 should cater to the basics for about 1.9 months. The average hourly wage is $33, more than double California’s minimum limit

The cost of groceries depends on where you shop and how much time you spend shopping around for deals—but if we stick with local markets, the bill should be about $1,381 per month for a family of four. Utilities for a family of four will run around $165 per month, while a monthly ticket for local transport costs about $56 per individual. 

Other costs that might pique your interest:

  • Daycare: $942
  • International primary school: $13,245 (per year)
  • Simple haircut: $16.5
  • Cinema ticket: $11.5
  • Gym membership: $38.2

Shopping and Dining

Shopping and dining in Newbury Park, CA, is a dream come true, with plenty of options from grocery to clothing stores and everything in between. 

If you’re gasping for some indoor retail therapy—or maybe even something more specific like electronics or home goods—you can always try malls like Kimber Plaza or Hillcrest Plaza (and if these aren’t enough, Times Square has you covered).

For an impressive selection of name brands and high-quality clothing options, check out Ross Dress for Less, Kohl’s, or T.J. Max. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to where to pick up your weekly groceries, but the following come highly recommended: 

  • Ralphs
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Albertsons
  • Smart & Final Extra
  • Village Trade

Dining options are equally varied—some places serve up casual fare like burgers and fries, while others offer more upscale meals with an international flair. There’s a Chinese place called Sesame Inn with amazing crispy shrimp, moo shu pork, and Kung Pao chicken, as well as a sushi place called Sushi Oaks that serves up some tasty rolls.  The list of other best restaurants in Newbury Park, CA, is inexhaustible, but these are worth mentioning:

  • The Local Table
  • Stella’s Gourmet Restaurant
  • Sumo Japanese Restaurant
  • Baba’s Kitchen Mediterranean
  • Mama’s Hummus
  • Holdren’s Steaks & Seafood

Newbury Park, CA, Neighborhoods

Below are the four popular neighborhoods in Newbury Park, CA: 

  • Rancho Conejo: You’ve heard of Rancho Conejo, right? The one with above-average schools and more affordable condos and 2-bedroom apartments in Newbury Park, California? And you know what else is true? Its higher sales-to-list-price ratio means homes sell at or above the asking price. The median list price is $1m. 
  • Dos Vientos: If you want to live in a neighborhood with low crime risk and great schools, this neighborhood fits the bill. Houses for sale in Dos Viento, Newbury Park, have a median list price of $1.5m, with a square foot selling for around $493. 
  • Potrero Valley: This neighborhood boasts below-average crime rates, average high school scores, and a 100%+ sales-to-list-price ratio. The median list price and cost per square foot are $1.3m and $544, respectively. 
  • Ventu Park: If over-the-average education, a larger yard, and low crime risk matter to you most when choosing a Newbury Park, CA, neighborhood, Ventu Park may be right up your alley. Plus, homes sell fast here. It has a median list price of $980K. 

Newbury Park Schools

No doubt, the prices of Newbury Park, CA homes for sale are sky-high, but what about education? Will your child get an excellent education in this beautiful community? Let’s find out.

Newbury Park schools fall under the Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD), hailed for its strong academics and college readiness. Based on GreatSchools Org’s analysis, 95% of CVUSD students graduate from high school on time, and the ACT score averages 26 out of 36. Not to mention that 80% of high-school graduates pursue college or a vocational program, 16% higher than the national average. 

There are several top-rated elementary schools in Newbury Park: 

  • Sycamore Canyon School
  • Cypress Elementary School
  • Environmental Academy of Research Technology and Earth Sciences
  • Banyan Elementary School
  • Madrona Elementary School

There are three primary choices for middle schools in Newbury Park: Sycamore Canyon School, Redwood Middle School, and Sequoia Middle School. Newbury Park High School and Thousand Oaks High School are two of the best high schools in the area.

Bottom Line

The city of Newbury Park is a great choice to make your California home. Not only is it a nice place, but it’s also safe and family-friendly, with a lot to offer in every area of your life and family. 

The real estate here is attractive enough to lure prospective investors, new residents, retirees, and young families alike, with a wide variety of housing options. Its sense of community is strong, and schools have greatly improved. 

Outdoors, you’ll have plenty to explore in the area’s acres of parks and open space, from equestrian trails to hiking and mountain biking. Or, if you prefer, you can visit nearby beaches or embark on a shopping spree in the numerous outlets in and near the city. 

And with travel times averaging 45 minutes to downtown Los Angeles and 38 minutes to Hollywood, it turns out that Newbury Park is an excellent option for those who want a suburban feel while still enjoying all that nearby bustling locations have to offer.

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