4 SEO Nutrients To Jump-Start Your Web Traffic

4 SEO Nutrients To Jump-Start Your Web Traffic

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The year 2021 sounds so futuristic, right? But is this just a marketing gimmick, or is there something else to it? You’re smart; I’m sure you can guess the answer. There’s always something up our sleeves, but more on that later. Now, let’s focus on what brought us here – improving your web traffic in 2021.

You might be expecting a lot of web traffic from search engines, but that may not happen tomorrow. It requires more work from your side. These four strategies will help you steer clear of clickbait and grow your traffic organically in 2021. Let’s dive right in.

Video Marketing

Videos are taking over the internet. According to statistics, more than 68% of consumers prefer videos over other forms of content when looking for more information about an offering. So, if you want to drive this effect, you must use video marketing in your business in 2021!

Video marketing will give you the edge your business needs. It’s a high-value way to connect with customers and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Don’t create videos just for the sake of sharing them on YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook. Of course, you want to engage your prospects and come up with something that they’ll watch. But wouldn’t it be great if they found your videos when looking for a solution to their problems? Your audience wants relevant, helpful information about a topic they’re interested in, preferably from the most trusted voice on that topic. You can be that voice. 

You may consider hiring a video expert to create thrilling tutorials, about us, or customer testimonial videos that resonate with your audience and drive traffic to your website. It’s also essential to optimize the video descriptions for search engines.

The best way to capitalize on business videos is to integrate them into your other marketing channels, and embedding them into your blogs is an excellent way to start.

Mobile Compatibility

People love to browse the web on their mobile phones. Mobile traffic accounted for 54.8% of global web traffic in the first quarter of 2021. That means if your website is not responsive-friendly, you might be losing out on valuable organic traffic.

Smartphones are the wave of the future.

In 2018, 38% of the world’s population owned a smartphone. The smartphone penetration rate is growing fast, with Statista projecting that 87% of all mobile phone users in the U.S will have a smartphone. This, together with a growing trend in mobile searches and mobile-friendly web pages, are some statistics that prove the demand for an optimized site.

If you’re just getting started online, start with a mobile-friendly site and then create your desktop version. 

By getting your mobile site up and running first, you essentially optimize your website for the majority of internet users – those using their phones. You give your audience easy access to your product or service and make it easier for yourself to reach them.

Consumer-oriented Content

Good information doesn’t just disappear. People are using search engines like Google in their quest to find meaningful answers to their questions and concerns. These days, if you really want people to find your solutions, you need to help them first by putting together easy-to-understand content.

Remember that search engines now look for information-packed content that answers various queries posted by internet users. Writing for this purpose helps you grow your organic traffic and business.

If you’re targeting a specific user, the better you speak to their interests and the higher chances you have of converting them into leads. As such, research your niche, so you know who you’re talking to and tailor your content accordingly.


Did you know that sites with higher E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) value rank higher on Google? To put things in perspective, your site’s reputation, and your own, play a role in your ranking.

So, how do you build E-A-T?

You should keep an up-to-date blog and be active on social media, giving helpful tips to your readers and followers. You should also offer excellent customer service, add more social links to your home page (Google likes that), build your brand authority, etc. And make sure you resolve all issues causing you bad reviews.

To maintain a good reputation online, you also need to ensure your site has the basics right, including security and performance. Other critical must-haves for your website are about page, contact page, customer service information, and relevant policy pages (privacy, terms of service, return policy, etc).

Given that the content will be used to promote your business, it’s important that each of your blog posts have a visible author and an associated profile. Simply put, make it easy for visitors to learn more about your business and writers.


There’s plenty of traffic to be generated in 2021. And driving massive traffic to your website doesn’t have to be a hassle. With these tried and true SEO tricks, you can gain rock-solid traffic without having to spend a fortune on paid ads. 

Are you just setting out online? It helps to partner with professionals with proven experience creating content that people want to read and share.

ContentGenics provides effective and affordable bespoke content creation services allowing you to spend more time running your business. It’s a time-saving solution to driving more traffic to your site and building your thought leadership. Contact us today to get started. 

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