How to Reset Hyundai Radio Without Paying a Dime

reset Hyundai radio

So, everything’s smooth sailing, and then bam — out of nowhere, your Hyundai’s radio decides to throw a fit. No tunes, just chaos, and there you are, hitting every button imaginable, hoping for a miracle. But hey, don’t even think about running to a mechanic or coughing up cash at the dealership. This guide right here? We’ve got you on how to reset Hyundai radio, and before you know it, you’ll be vibing to your top tracks again, all without spending a penny.

How to Reset Hyundai Radio After Battery Change

A Hyundai radio may require a code because the battery was disconnected, swapped, or there was some sort of electric glitch. It’s all about keeping your stereo safe from theft or unauthorized jamming sessions.

Now, where do you find your Hyundai radio code? First stop, check your glove box. There should be a sticker in there labeled “Anti-Theft Radio Code.” If that’s a no-go, don’t sweat it. You can whip out your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and the radio’s serial number and pop them into a radio code generator online—pretty neat, right?

If all else fails, your friendly neighborhood Hyundai dealer is at your service, or hit up the Hyundai Help Center at (1800) 186 306. They’ve got your back. So, there’s no need to miss out on your playlists for too long.

Now, here’s how to reset your Hyundai radio using the code you’ve just obtained:

  1. First, fire up your ignition and the radio. You should see a little prompt on the radio’s display saying “1 CODE.” That’s your cue.
  2. Your Hyundai stereo is likely decked out with preset buttons numbered from 1 to 6. You’ll use them to input your Hyundai radio code. Let’s say your code is 6534. Here’s how it plays out: hit button #1 six times, button #2 five times, then do the same for the rest of the sequence.
  3. Now for the grand finale. Press button #5 to seal the deal. If all went according to plan, your radio should burst back to life, ready to serenade you.

Just a heads up, though – your Hyundai isn’t going to let you keep guessing that radio code forever. You’ve got a limited number of shots at this before your radio decides it’s had enough and locks up. Think of it as a game where you’ve only got a few lives. As such, you might be in for a little road trip to your Hyundai dealership.

Factory resetting Hyundai radio Using the pinhole

If your Hyundai radio is not working or seems to have lost its settings—there’s a DIY fix for that using the pinhole, as illustrated below.

  • Grab something small and pointy to press the reset button — a paperclip is usually perfect for this sort of mission, but if you’ve got a pen with a narrow tip or a sturdy toothpick, those will work too.
  • Time to turn on your radio and play detective. Look closely and you’ll find a small pinhole, subtly placed on the upper left or lower right side of the radio’s face—often it’s chilling above the FM/AM button or somewhere near the phone button.
  • Pop your tool into the pinhole gently. Press down until you feel the button give a little. Hold it there for a couple of seconds — that should initiate the factory reset process. This bit’s like hitting the snooze button in the morning, except you’re waking your Hyundai radio.
  • Release the button and give your radio a moment to catch its breath — it might need a sec to reboot. It’s like it’s getting a fresh start, wiping all those presets and Bluetooth pairings clean. All those settings, from your carefully chosen presets to your Bluetooth pairings, will get a clean slate.
  • Following a successful reset, you get to do the fun part — setting it up again. Dial in your favorite stations, pair your devices back up, and balance those sound settings so your songs sound just the way you like them.

Remember, this hack is a surefire way to reset the radios on Hyundai Elantra models between 2020 and 2022, as well as on some Tucson models. For a different Hyundai model, the location of this magic pinhole may be different, or the process might vary slightly. When in doubt, your owner’s manual comes in handy as the map to the treasure.

Resetting a Hyundai radio using the fuse box

Hyundai radio display or buttons not working? Detaching the audio fuse or replacing a damaged one could help. Follow these steps:

  1. Gather a few essential tools: First things first, you’re going to need something like needle-nose pliers. These are super helpful for pulling out and putting in fuses.
  2. Turn off the ignition: Before you do anything, make sure your car is parked safely and turn off the engine. You’re not playing with a moving target here.
  3. Find the fuse box: This little box of wonders is usually hanging out under the dashboard on the driver’s side, but it might be snuggled in the engine compartment instead. If it’s playing hide-and-seek, your Hyundai’s owner’s manual is the cheat sheet with its hiding spot.
  4. Identify the radio fuse: Now, you’re looking for a specific fuse that’s all about the radio, usually labeled “Audio” or something similar. There should be a diagram on the fuse box cover or in the manual that tells you which one it is.
  5. Remove the radio fuse: Gently coax it out of its slot with those needle-nose pliers, a fuse puller, or your fingers. If the fuse looks beaten, it’s time for a new one. 
  6. Reinsert the radio fuse: Give the radio system a short, sweet pause to reset – around 30 seconds to a minute. Then, with your tool of choice and the grace of a ninja, reinsert the radio fuse back into its home slot.
  7. Test the radio: Cue the drumroll as you turn on your car, and voila! Test if the radio springs back to life, ready to serenade you. You may need to play DJ for a bit, reprogramming your radio stations and settings. If the radio remains stubborn, it might be time to tag in a professional.
  8. Replace the fuse box cover: Seal the deal by snapping the fuse box cover back into place. And that’s it!

How to reset Hyundai infotainment system

Resetting your Hyundai’s media system can help resolve software glitches or connectivity issues. Here are the steps to factory reset your infotainment system using the screen:

  1. Turn on your Hyundai. Make sure it’s in Park, with the engine humming along or in accessory mode, where just the electronics are alive and kicking.
  2. Within the settings menu, look for an option labeled “General.” It’s like finding the control room where all the major settings hang out
  3. Look for the “System Info” option, then select the “Default” on the side menu. 
  4. Some Hyundai models want you to choose “Reset all” after this step.
  5. A message pops up asking if you’re sure about this reset business. It’s your last chance to back out before everything goes back to how it was when you first got your car.
  6. By selecting “Yes,” you’re giving the green light to reset. Your infotainment system will take a moment to clear all settings and start fresh. Don’t turn off your vehicle or disconnect the battery, as this could cause damage to the system.
  7. Once the reset’s done, the infotainment system will reboot and greet you with the welcome screen you saw when your car was just a newbie. Now’s the time to get everything set up again — language, time, your favorite stations, and pairing your phone over Bluetooth

   Resetting the Hyundai infotainment system when the display isn’t working 

If your Hyundai display is not working, there’s a handy trick you can try using the reset pinhole, a kind of secret reset button designed for situations like this.

  1. Locate the pinhole: This little reset button is usually hiding in plain sight on the front panel of your infotainment system. Its preferred hiding spots include near corners or edges of the screen.
  2. Prepare the tool: Your tool for this mission should be small and thin. Options include a paperclip straightened into your makeshift key, a sewing needle, a sturdy toothpick, or the working end of a sharp ballpen.
  3. Insert the tool: Gently insert your chosen tool into the pinhole. Once you feel the slight resistance of the reset button, press gently and hold for about 1-2 seconds.
  4. The quiet before the storm: After you’ve pressed the button, take a step back. The screen should turn blank, a brief pause in the world of your Hyundai’s electronics. Then, it will spring back to life, graced by the Hyundai logo.
  5. Confirm the reset: With the system freshly awakened, it’s time to see if this little reset did the trick. Go through the functions that were giving you trouble before. Hopefully, everything’s back to normal.