Why Partner with Ezekiel for Content Creation? My Clients Will Tell You

Delivered Great Writing

"From the beginning, I could tell Ezekiel was a professional. He presented himself well, understood his initial assignment, communicated clearly and promptly, and delivered great writing. Since the start of our partnership, he has maintained his excellent work and has adjusted to any request I have had."

Brandon Hill

Top Of His Craft!

Ezekiel is a dedicated freelance writer, able to produce engaging copy for online platforms. His skills are unmatched. Top of his craft!

Joe. K
SEO Content Strategist / Bright Media Ltd

Outstanding Content Creator

Ezekiel is an outstanding content creator. He not only follows briefs but also takes pieces to another level thanks to his in-depth knowledge and fantastic writing skills. Plus, he’s just an all-around great person to work with. He clearly cares about his work and it shines through in everything he does.

Kelly O'Hara
Founder / Copy Goals

Hard Worker and Master of His Craft

I own a busy home medical equipment store. I often wear many hats (including marketing) and I am trying to build a stronger national online presence. Back in late 2019, Ezekiel sent me an email out of the blue, which is something I usually erase, but it was well written and I did have a need for ongoing help with blogging, so I decided to give him a chance. I have usually been pretty disappointed in outsourced content writers because while they can write, they don’t know about my very niche industry, so the information is weak or incorrect. Ezekiel was not from that pack! He spent time researching the topics I gave him and returned blog articles that were very in-depth with correct knowledge and keywords of course! He spent time to get the right content, then put it into the right format for my needs. He really does an amazing job, plus his English and vocabulary are better than mine! (Considering I was Valedictorian of my high school, that’s pretty good!). I think that he is a very hard worker and a master of his craft. I will definitely continue to use Ezekiel’s services in the future.

Erica Sell